Aug 26, 2008

First Assignment

Finally, after a week past, we have an assignment. Well, actually we do have one too last 
week, but it's only a simple task but a hard one to do :p What's that? Reading.... 

Well, reading is not that hard actually, but to find something to read is quite hard. We were ask to find reading about something we are gonna do for our thesis. I know that i'm taking specific course like Building Technology, Mr. Ismet, the lecturer, said that it's still a big area for my thesis. He said that Building Technology just like a big football field. And my thesis is just like one of the grass, or maybe some grass on the field. So i take more specific field like Thermal Comfort. And he said that's good, but it maybe only reduce 3/4 part of the field in Building Technology. So i have to take more specific field. My concern for Thermal Comfort because my hometown, Pontianak, is a hot city. A city on the equator line must be really hot. The temperature arround 27-35 celcius degree, with almost 100% humidity. I wonder if the knowledge i found on my future research would done something good for my hometown. I want to make a building without air conditioning, even in a place like my hometown, or at least reduce amount of energy to cooling the building. Because we all know the world have energy crisis, until we found a new way to produce energy more greater, faster, cheaper, and care for environment.

The other assignment is given from Mr. Hanson, a lecturer for Quantitative Analysis. The assignment consist of 2. The first one is he want us to describe why we take architecture post graduate school on ITB, and the second one is he wants to know what kind of my dream house. Simple isn't it? I think he give this task to collecting data for the future assignment, for analyzing those data. Hehehe...quite interesting :) And he is a good lecturer, know how to present the subject for the lecture. The assignment should be delivered by email this Thursday. Hmm...what am i gonna write?? :p

Compare to other course, research class is more fun than design class, landscape class, and profesional class. They got their first assignment from the first day T_T. And its a lot of drawing. One of them said that he wants to change to research class :p And i said welcome :D

Ok...thats my simple report for my first assignment. Wish me luck :) Ganbatte kudasai!!!! 

NB : I wrote this report in English because to make myself get use to English. We have lots of English terms in every lecture. And also, we have to read as much as archictecture books, and of course, in English to broader our view about architecture... Siigghh... why can't we read those books in Indonesian??

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