Apr 24, 2008

My Starfleet Uniform

Finally, after a month and few weeks, my Starfleet Uniform I've order from Indo Star Trek via Admiral Eri has arrived!!! It consist of two pieces clothes. First, a red long turtle neck shirt and the second pieces is the jacket. The Jacket cost me 320 latinum and the shirt is 100 latinum. Quite expensive isn't? But it's worthwhile. I've dreamed having this uniform since I was 13 years old. And finally have it now, after a long long 15 years ^_^.
Hehehehe...actually, it has arrived since 5 days ago :p But I took a time to take a photo with my Starfleet Uniform tonight (with my E51, bad camera...but it's OK).
With a little effort, and using Photoshop CS, I'm finalizing the photo and add some other picture like United Federation of Planet picture and Starfleet Logo.
Maybe u all see there's a Combadge on my chess, but it's only a picture. I'm still waiting for Indo Star Trek to make the Combadge and Rank Pipe. Hmm...I wonder how much should I spend for those badges.
Anyway..... this is my Starfleet Uniform!!!

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