Mar 6, 2008

Architect : Michael Graves

Michael Graves words on his video intro : (sori kalo bahasa inggrisnya jago inggris siy...)

When i was growing up, the one thing i could do well was draw. My mother on the other hand start to worry that all about drawing might lead me to think that i was going to be some sort of artist painter,sclupturer,whatever.. and i think she made conmented one point when i was very very young that unless i was as good as piccaso or michaelangelo i was surely started, so she suggested that i think about using drawing in a profession, either engineering or architecture. I asked her what engineers did and she told me and i said therefore i am gonna be an architect. But she said i haven't told you what architect do, and i said i don't care, i am not gonna be engineer. I think the next day i was out in the street drawing the neigbour houses . Luckily i went to the public school that had drawing and got so intense of the end and re inventing a course for me so i wouldn't get bored. I think i probably not really well inform about architecture and what it really could mean to a cultural do mean, until i went to Rome. Understanding architecture through a different kind of lands. Onces you look at the works of an early roman temple and see the role of the floor, the ceiling, the wall, the column, the roof, the windows, his home and the way that u say... Ahaa...this are my noun, verb, and adverb. These are the element of an architecture composition,these are the element that finally give you character within the work. And it is that way of thinking the compositional attitute that one carries into every project is one that uses the richness of all of that, that they all ultimately related to the human scale. And it is that is so intriuging about architecture for me. Thanks a fresh because of the question they ask not because of they style or the momentary attraction to new material or new way of doing something. New doesn't interest me in that way but new gets my life of old like the rest of us...

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