Dec 12, 2008


Architect do you hear me callingI do not ask for much, better environment, planning and landscape

Architect help me save the Planet
I seek, only kindness, sweet water, and clean air fit to breathe

Architect help me transform the space
Use your knowledge with care, make my environment a friendly piece

Architect I want a save home
Use technology with discretion, improve my quality of life

Architect help me save our memory
Preserve our historical link, respect the good things of the past

Architect lets your plans cherish our democracy
Allow me to participate – let me play, turn my city into a magnet of hope

Architect lets respect each other and diversity
Come forward and use your skill, I want to call my neighbours my friends

Architect protect cultural differences
Let your work promote human values, be equitable and understanding in your designs

Architect I am the future, let me be your friend
Let me walk in your new environs
Sustain my dream be there for me
Globalisation yes, especially for peace
Be the architect of the future

Giancario Ius, UIA Immediate Past Vice-President Region I
English version by Rod Hackney, UIA Past President

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